by - Andy Dowling - musician/writer/podcaster - the Andy Social Podcast 

Beer stained carpet. You know that smell when you walk past a pub in the morning as they’re airing it out?

Breathe it in. 

There’s a real comfort in that smell which stirs feelings of belonging and comradery between friends old and new. Tales of the past, grand plans for the future. Laughter and tears. 

To me, this is Desecrator. The watering hole of metal and mateship. A no frills, unapologetic spirit where the lines are blurred between band and punter. A bartering style of loyalty and respect back and forth. It’s everyone’s shout. 

This indispensable essence of the band isn’t limited to the gritty pubs of Melbourne. No matter the location, it remains the same. The more Desecrator have rumbled throughout the world, to places many bands hesitate to venture, the more it feels like home.  

Home could be playing sheds in Russia, playing with a broken leg in Brazil, rolling through cartel friendly towns, blazing big stages through Europe or even cracking open a slab of Melbourne Bitter at the local before hitting the stage. 

Different, yet the same. Home.   

That homely ‘beer stained carpet’ vibe blends perfectly with thrash metal. Theme music for the underdog, for Desecrator, often rebelling against rule and reason. 

Ditching the blue print of ‘how to be a band’, opportunities are created with their own blood and guts, never waiting around for a handout. Release a live album first? Studio album 7 years later? Another cramped touring van for 3 months? No rules. Do what feels best, on their terms. Whatever it takes. 

Desecrator are the epitome of what many of us strive to do. Wear it all on our sleeves, be unashamed in our thirst to succeed against the odds and of course, play some killer metal.

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