DESECRATOR release new single and two covers to remind the world how good heavy metal is...

It’s been a busy year in the plant-potting business and Desecrator are no strangers to the arts of the green thumb, toiling away in the soil planting seeds that have grown into an ASS-KICKING new single and film clip. Manic is a song that you listen to with your ears, it is played on instruments and has been recorded using computers.

As if that’s not enough to sharpen your sword to, Desecrator have chucked in two ULURU-SIZED rock covers for free!! "Hungry" originally by AUSSIE rockers Airbourne can only be fed to your eardrums through loudspeakers and "Animal (F*ck like a Beast)" by shock rockers W.A.S.P will suit any summertime bbq event.

Yep, you’re welcome.



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